Singing in the rain with Mar de Copas

Excitement was present at all times during Mar de Copas' concert at the 35th Feria del Hogar. A nice trip through its musical history was what these true artists of despair offered us. Although the weather was not the best -there was a persistent rain-, the night was ideal for a nice rendezvous.

One of these rockers' moments is the volatile 80's, when Luis Garcia (Wicho) had his first experience as a singer with the glorious band of those days Narcosis, which was called punk in a moment when crazy, daring and dreamer youngsters with ideals and attempts to change the established were the order of the day.

Nowadays, Mar de Copas is turning into one of the bastions of authenticity and artistic purity, They use the tentacles of the means of massive manipulation, but without being easily seized by the deformation it implies.
The rain was perfect for these makers of colorful and emotive atmospheres, mysteriously transmitted in each song by Luis (Wicho) Garcia, Eduardo (Toto) Leverone, Cesar Zamalloa, Claudia Salem and Manolo Barrios (Phoebe Condos was absent). As usual, they showed an image of introversion on the stage.

Each song was carefully made. Each member of the band -perfectly located-, the color, the lights, the sweet and furious sounds coming from their instruments created an original story, which was becoming true through their voices.

Unconscious but at the same time evident, it was the emotion and enthusiasm among the audience. Loud choruses of voices that became one, with the only objective to give free will to the dreamer spirit that each human being has inside.

Definitely, this concert stood out from the variety of artists that the Feria del Hogal is being offering. Although the place was not full, there was a sensitive public in close connection with the band. Quality does not mean quantity and much less, musical aesthetics does not mean talent.

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